Skating-sports are on the incline, even it today’s uncertain economic climate. Aspiring for scholarships, possibly turning professional, remains a lucid ream for many children. The question always asked is how to achieve the best results in the fastest time at the best price. With options as to where to invest resources and money, where do we look first – or not at all?

Technological advancements have hit every sport – and skating is no exception. From synthetic ice surfaces to skating treadmills, more can be achieved in less time than every before, allowing our children to foster their dreams in ways never before imagined. This site is for them, and for all those involved in the investment of bringing childhood dreams to reality.


With new emerging technologies in fitness and endurance training for skaters in all disciplines, there is not much information available with respect to skating treadmills – their benefits, cost of ownership etc., to allow the market to make educated purchase decisions.

This site is for recreational, amateur and professional skaters who wish to keep pace with the type of advancement provided athletes in other sports, and to give business owners who train these individuals a level training field when it comes to understanding new skating technologies.